Taitai media to Mourinho rate Real Madrid away 2011-12 season La Liga champion dissatisfaction: "Guardiola coach Barcelona in the last season Rick Nash Jersey, he failed to lead his team to achieve full control Carl Hagelin Jersey, the league was suppressed by Real Madrid only runner-up Mourinho under the command of the Real Madrid more than the referee to take care of the Champions League, the defending champion was Chelsea block in the final door Eddie Giacomin Jersey.Even so, the season Pepper or led his unit to get the World Club Cup, the European Super Cup and the Spanish super cup. Manchester City's most expensive transaction is to spend �� 54 million from Wolfsburg to the introduction of De Boulogne, now 60 million pounds acquisition of Silva, which will also refresh the team history inviting transfer fee record. Manchester City in the past season has suffered four empty, the only consolation is to win the Champions League qualification, from the blue moon's generous look, the team hopes to usher in the next season rebound. M��ller Manchester United won the England League Cup, but also in the end of the season harvest the European Cup champion, but Manchester United in the league's performance is still with Chelsea, Tottenham and other teams have a clear gap. Former England coach Capello believes that next season if Mourinho wants to challenge Chelsea's dominance, only the introduction of Gleeszman is far enough, Manchester United need to strengthen in multiple locations Oscar Lindberg Jersey.