Then the King's Cup final, Barcelona to Cuikulaxiu crushed Bilbao Athletic, "World Sports News" heart surging memories: "That Guardiola farewell match, opening only 2 minutes Pedro on the use of Martin Nesi mistakes before the next city; the first 20 minutes Messi lock the victory Michael Grabner Jersey, season Macy is the European Golden Boot winner; less than 30 minutes, Pedro scored twice completely kill the game Chris Summers Jersey. "This season's King's Cup The final, Barcelona's opponent is the strength of the Araves, Canadian media is clearly hope that the red and blue army can also be the momentum of rolling gains. If the Wenger rate Arsenal win in Wembley, it will be their first 3 years to win the FA Cup title Jaromir Jagr Jersey, although the FA Cup level less than the Premier League and the Champions League, but the other England club did not in the same period Win more trophies. After nine years of hardships, it can be said that Wenger is quietly back to the championship coach, accustomed to holding the trophy. If Arsenal win, but also Wenger from the coaching team so far 7 times to win the FA Cup trophy, which will make him the history of the most successful coach. This statistic highlights his outstanding position in Arsenal's history and highlights his outstanding contribution to the club in North London Viktor Stalberg Jersey.